Welcome, We promote the growth of the inner voice, development and a unification with the universe. A way to channel this energy is to create, complete and share the inspiration with all who choose to enjoy.

sSsR8M presents, Shrown Shrown Shroom.

Enjoy a free download of sVn8Nin, our latest album.

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sSsR8M presents, Bear and Lion Comics.

Bear and Lion Comics are suitable for all ages.

We sell direct a special edition paperback of, Bear and Lion: The Trilogy

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sSsR8M presents, Scratch Paper Comics.

Scratch Paper Comics is intended for a mature audience.

Our previews on the web are rather clean, however much of the material in Scratch Paper Comics is not.

We have 70 Scratch Paper Comics eBooks available on Amazon.com

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sSsR8M presents, Shroom Art.

Images are intended for a mature audience.

PDX Shroom Art.

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Original Canvas Paintings.

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